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Why is investigative journalism under threat?

Why is investigative journalism under threat?

In relation to the current state of the newspaper industry

It seems that currently the newspaper and journalism industry is going through some huge, evolving changes. With the current state of newspaper sales decreasing by the day as the popularity of online news such as google news becoming widely available. This means that with most of the countries households having access to a gadget this has led to quicker and faster ways to get the news online. Online news now puts financial strain on newspapers due to a lack of income and reader as online news takes over.

Furthermore, the lack of support from the general population due to the intrusive nature of the journalistic tactics means lives are damaged by reporters who provoke emotional responses weather it is good or bad. A harsh response by the person of interest can turn the public against the newspaper meaning that less of the population would buy the story resulting a decrease in sales. To maintain a profit within the industry, investigative journalists are having to lose jobs as they are most often the people crossing the line and becoming vastly unpopular.

Investigative journalism predominantly uses primary research, meaning the journalists must go out and conduct their own research. Journalists conducting their own research costs a lot of time as some stories can take days even weeks to complete. The company also has to pay a salary for the journalist as well as resources that are needed to be payed for to acquire this information.    


The laws passed by government, is something else the newspaper has to adhere to. This can restrict the information they can uncover. The line of work an investigative journalist does is to uncover secrets or wrongdoings in the past of the person in question. In the tv programme “press” they highlight the issue as an MI5 agent can not reveal anything about a certain project they were working on. There is no doubt this an occurrence in the modern day.

Another Factor in the demise of the industry is the editors. Editors can be manipulative and whole stories can be cut from the paper or shaped to sell more stories. This results in low morale within the staff which leads to low production levels. This is a common factor in all industries.

In conclusion investigative journalists are becoming vastly under threat due to lack of money at newspapers meaning staff shortages and less income meaning that less resources are available to uncover stories.

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