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Homelessness in Portsmouth - my photography portfolio

At the start of September, when I joined college we were tasked with discovering the extent of homelessness, along with the cause and what is being done to resolve the issue. I presented my work at The Aspex Expedition to try and get my points and views across.

As part of my project I wrote an article on the availability of portable homeless houses which gave me a deep insight to the conditions and life of the homeless community. While gathering research for my article I met Kevin who is living rough in Portsmouth. I included his photo in this portfolio and as my main photo in my article.

During my project I took a trip to Portsmouth to gain evidence for my article but in the end i believe that these pictures told more of a story than any article could.

On the 29th of November I presented my work along with my class mates, which was a proud moment for me. It was a fantastic opportunity to raise a very important issue that sometimes gets over shadowed.

My Final Image.

The picture I have taken is from the view of a homeless man/woman. The objective of the photo is to gain a perspective from a person who is a part of the homeless community - looking down at the pavement to avoid judgmental eyes and slowly looking up into the bustling city of Portsmouth where people walk past you and cars drive by without paying any attention to the homeless. I decided to use the leading lines technique in order to get the viewer to focus first on ground level then upwards to a member of the public thats avoiding them and walking away, giving the impression that the person who is sitting there is looking down only to be left in the street. The purpose of editing this photo in black and white is to reflect a downhearted mood in which the homeless feel life is a struggle for them and no one cares.

My Gallery

Would you let your dog sleep here for the night?

One of the meet up spots for the homeless community.

Comedy is the key to happiness.

Local Portsmouth homeless man, Kevin, 27

Sleeping on the steps of the city council offices.

Working office for the day.

A place a homeless person calls home.

Imprisoned on the outside.

A bench - impactful object as it is one of the first thoughts about homelessness.

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