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formula one season review - part 2

Updated: Jan 29, 2019


Fernando Alonso:

Fernando Alonso. Do I need to say more? Definitely one of the most sorely missed drivers from the grid as he leaves for indie racing in America. The Spaniard has kept a pretty poor car that on paper should not be a contender for points, go the extra miles by keeping McLaren in the points just due to his driving. Alonso gained 50 points for McLaren a true testament to not only how good he was back in the day but now too. Farewell two-time world champion.

Stoffel Vandoorne:

Vandoorne has a poor season only gaining 12 points is a testament to how far McLaren have fallen since their switch to the Honda engine. The fall from a world championship team to a backmarker car is represented by vandoorne. The Belgian had a poor year being out qualified by Fernando Alonso in all 21 races. Being compared to Fernando Alonso, who worked miracles, was tough. However, his highlight was getting eighth in Mexico with a few brilliant passes. Unfortunately, this was not enough to hold on to his seat.

Force India

“Note – Force India’s original 2018 entry (Sahara Force India F1 Team) was excluded from the championship prior to the Belgian Grand Prix, with the loss of all 2018 constructors’ points. As a new entity with a new championship entry, Racing Point Force India F1 Team began accruing points from the Belgian Grand Prix onwards.”  

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Sergio Perez:

Perez has had a dip in form third year compared to the last three years. Sergio Perez finished with 62 points, which is lowest accumulation of points for three years. The Mexican driver has always been in and around the midfield pushing for the best of the rest. Over the last two years he has accumulated over 100 points each season leaving him in seventh consequently dropping him down to 8th this year due to a lack in points. Despite this form he comfortably keeps his seat for 2019.

Esteban Ocon:

Ocon finished the season with 49, condemning both force India drivers to massive drop in points as ocon falls from 87 to 49 points the season. However, the French man has excited fans leaving them to wonder just how he has not secured a seat for 2019. The French man did secure the reserve driver role at Mercedes where is part of their program and that is where he will stay for next season.


Charles Leclerc:

The Monegasque has had an excellent season that even Ferrari came calling and signed the Sauber driver.  Esteban Ocon is tipping Leclerc for a title challenge in 2019 because Leclerc's reputation soared in Azerbaijan. As he got Sauber’s best finish in 50 races and took sixth with eight points. And he finished in seventh for the last four races he completed. The hype over Leclerc is deserved as he reached the best of the rest in a car that finished bottom of the constructors championship last year.

Marcus Ericsson:

Ericssons season has not been the same feeling of joy as Leclerc. The similar scenario as Mercedes except Ericsson did what was expected of his car. However, the performance was still poor getting a highest finished of ninth on three separate occasions but ericsson feels he still leaving after his” strongest” season. His performance has meant he will be replaced by rookie Alexander Albon for 2019. Ericsson will take the role of Schmidt Peterson IndyCar squad and will dovetail that campaign with a Sauber reserve driver role.

Toro Rosso

Pierre Gasly:

The transfer to red bull means red bull will have one of the longest line ups in formula one history.  Gasly finished the season with 29 points in his first full season for red bull. He broke onto the scene in Bahrain finishing fourth causing the paddock to go crazy due to this and Gasly being part of the Red Bull racing program he has been promoted to a full race seat in 2019. Christian Horner, red bull Team Principal, has said he “is one of the biggest prospects in motorsport’ Gasly finished the season with 29 points in his first full season for red bull.

Brendon Hartley:

The Kiwi driver has had an… okay year. The reason I say that is because he has been a very quiet driver in my opinion. Hartley finished on four points after finishing I’m the points only three times all season. He has had a series of misfortunate events leading to five retirements all season. This was not aided by the fact that Galsy and Hartley’s relation wore thin as it has been rumoured Hartley’s errors caused Gasly to ignore him. However, Hartley’s driving was not good enough for him to secure a seat for 2019 but insists he still has “one foot in the door” in formula 1.


Sergey Sirotkin:

Williams is set for its worst finish since its formation in 1977, with just eight points to its name. Sirotkin, who scored his only point of his rookie season was a let-down in formula 1.  His debut season had a rocky start with the car causing him physical discomfort but by the time the multiple issues were sorted it had taken its toll on Sirotkin. One of the few positives is that Sirotkin outpaced stroll in qualifying twelve to twenty. Sirotkin was given a poor car for his first season and this means he will not continue as he is replaced by Robert Kubica.

Lance Stroll:

The Williams car, “FW41” are usually the slowest on the grid. Stroll season was disappointing as he was one of the slowest drivers finishing lowly in qualifying. However, for the second year running, he gained more places than any other driver on the first lap of races. The decision-making had caused him drive through penalties and the odd crash. A move to force India is the next step in strolls ambitious career.

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