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formula 1 season review- part 1

Updated: Jan 11, 2019


Lewis Hamilton:

This has been one of the best seasons for Lewis Hamilton as it seemed like he won race after race this year storming to the 2018 World Championship. The Englishman finished the season on a high, winning in Abu Dhabi making it his eleventh win of the season. To cap off a World Championship season, his fifth of his career, The Brit showed no signs of stopping and continues to impress. He races as the number one driver for Mercedes and is now chasing another title for 2019.

Valtteri Bottas:

It is fair to say Bottas did not have the same feeling that Hamilton had, the feeling of an infant child with a chocolate ice cream when the season finished. Bottas will be looking over his shoulder due to a poor season. Esteban Ocon was unable to secure a seat for 2019 therefore he will be in the Mercedes training program and chasing after Bottas’ seat as the Finn failed to win one race - handing the win over to Hamilton in Russia. But the Mercedes driver will need to prove himself after finishing fifth behind Raikkonen in order to keep his seat. In spite of all this, I have faith.


Sebastian Vettel:

If Vettel himself ever gets time to sit down and read this, I reckon he would agree with me that if the strategy of the Ferrari team towards the end of the season was more improved. He would have had a great chance at a world title and Ferraris first title since 2008. Sebastian Vettel begun the season on fire, winning the first two races in Australia and Bahrain, but drifted further and further behind Hamilton in the standings as the year went on due to poor strategy and a few collisions. this set him back during races. It was a poor season in the end for the German and the wait for a World Championship during his time with Ferrari continues.

Kimi Raikkonen:

The Iceman - as he is known by the fans - has had a decent year in his final season with Ferrari. It was particularly pleasing to see Raikkonen gain his first win in Austin, USA for the first time since Australia 2013. Raikkonen makes third in the championship with 251 points. He now makes the transfer to Sauber for the 2019 season after previously driving for them and states “they [Sauber] have everything to build a great car.” Promising signs for Sauber?

Red Bull

Max Verstappen:

The Dutchmen is proving to be a real talent as he follows his father's footsteps. He is a strong-willed character who at times can be aggressive in qualifying and main races, however he insists “only one person knew best”. This stubborn driving has given Formula 1 excitement which has served Verstappen very well. In Sochi Verstappen began 19th and worked is way up through the grid showing signs of fantastic driving getting to fifth by the seventh lap. In correlation to his performances he has out qualified his talented teammate Daniel Ricciardo 10-0 since Monaco.

Daniel Ricciardo:

Man, oh man. This poor guy suffered heartbreak in the second half of the season as he has suffered seven mechanical DNFs leading to a meltdown in Mexico where he stated “the car is just… I’ll let Gasly drive it, I’m done with it.” of course he raced on to finish the season, unfortunately it was heartbreak to many fans, especially due to his wonderful personality which made me fall in love with racing.


Nico Hulkenberg:

Hulkenberg is one of F1's biggest talents - he still hasn't finished on the podium. The 29-year-old German finished as the “Best of the rest” in his third best season ever. This reflects the Renault team that only seems to be improving, going from p9 in 2016 to p6 and now p4 in 2018. Despite his spectacular crash in Abu Dhabi, the racer carries on for Renault next season. Hulkenberg out qualified Sainz thirteen times out of nineteen, so as long as he can ovoid collisions he will be a lot stronger.

Carlos Sainz:

The Spaniard is moving for a third time in five years to the McLaren team. Sainz had a good year, finishing his best season yet (racing for one team that is) with 53 points. but he had scored points in seven of the first eight races. Once the European season arrived, he upped his game beating Hulkenberg in qualifying for the first time last season. Unlike other drivers he had a pretty clean season in completing races . In my opinion, he is a good signing for McLaren as he can develop the car to the level Renault are at the moment.  


Romain Grosjean:

Romain Grosjean says he "would not be able to forgive himself if he suffered a repeat of the woes that marred the first half of his 2018 Formula 1 campaign” reported by Jonathan noble of motorsport. It is fair to say that Grosjean had a pretty dismal season despite increasing on last year’s points total of 28. The Frenchman finished in 14th with 37 points. For a driver that was once a promising prospect, he is now sitting behind the Sauber's which is a disappointment for the American team Haas.

Kevin Magnussen:

The one driver considered reckless by all the other drivers, by the way he can cut people up. However, the tactics have seemed to work for him as he finished in ninth with 56 points which is a massive improvement on his 19 points from the previous season. The points Magnusson gained is in my opinion where Haas should be aiming in and around the best of the rest.

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