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Article 30 - No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights.... are you sure?

Perhaps the most ambiguous article of the 1953 European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is the last: No-one can take away your human rights.

And yet, David Cameron was the Prime Minister he stated, along with a lot of other politicians that people have too many rights and is hard to make people happy with situations such as immigration.

When the Conservative party came into power in 2015 in their manifesto David Cameron promised he would dilute the Human Rights act and replace them with a British Bill of Rights to fit British needs and traditions.

The treaty was signed by the UK after world war two and now instead of taking your human right case to Strasbourg, France you can take your case to a UK court.

The British Bill of Rights made public in 2014 was to ‘introduce a ‘seriousness’ threshold for bringing an HRA challenge.

The main reason the Rights are considered controversial is that it can “persuade” courts and fit the Tories way of life. When they took charge of Britain the Rights act was put on hold mainly because of Brexit which took down a Prime Minister and had a hand in the hung Parliament.

Human Rights act has helped with so many wrongly convicted cases in the last few years. Most noticeably the Hillsborough disaster 30 years ago.

Hillsborough was a horrific incident on the 15th of april 1989 where 96 Liverpool fans lost their life in Sheffield. People were crushed in the stands during their FA cup semi-final. The police blamed the fans for the disaster to try and spare themselves. The police asked questions like “did he like a drink?” “did he go for a drink before the match?” this was the polices way of covering themselves from this tragedy and pin it on drunk fans.

The Human rights act of 1988 helped to solve the Hillsborough disaster and help find out the real culprits and clear the wrongly convicted Liverpool fans. The police at the game were blamed for letting in too many fans and overcrowding in central pens of stand.

Without human rights, justice would never have been served and the world would have forever seen the fans as the cause of this tragedy and their families would have remained disgraced. But now the families’ victims have been cleared by the 2014 - 2016 inquest.

Should parliament be and the current government be allowed to make changes without the people's approval?

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